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Facials and Skincare

We offer a variety of skincare services and use professional, award winning skincare products. We bring mother nature and pharmaceutical grade products to create highly effective solutions to your skin concerns. Microdermabraision coming soon.

Custom Correct ME

Designed just for your exact complexion - we jam-pack this customized treatment to give YOUR skin all that it needs. Includes a deep pore cleansing, papaya enzyme or fruit acid exfoliation, extractions, customized serum & mask, etc. Wow.

50 minutes$99.00
CC-PLUS: FootSoak,Sonic Anti-Aging Eye Rx,Lip Buff$118.00


So our most popular facial was just enhanced with this gem. Designed just for your exact complexion - we jam-pack this customized treatment for YOUR skin, and we've added a spa foot soak and sonic anti-aging eye treatment....yes, you'll radiate from within!

65 minutes$118.00

Organically Blissed

Let mother nature work her magic. With this customized facial you get either the "traditional" or "warm & spicy version of some of the freshest, hand-made, air-freighted, products on the market. These products are filled with powerful anti-oxidents, vitamins, minerals, phyto-estrogens, Omega 9 nutrients & more. You'll emerge beaming with fresh, radiant, and healthy skin. It's good to love mother nature!

50 minutes$110.00
OB PLUS: Spa Foot Soak, Bright Eye Tx$125.00


Organically Blissed and starts with a spa foot soak, and includes our 3-step Bright Eye treatment.

65 minutes$125.00

Soothe ME Facial

This spa facial is designed to soothe and soften your skin while deeply de-stressing your entire body. All signs of stress will float away as you emerge with skin that glows!

50 minutes$89.00

Deep Pore Cleanse

The focus here is on cleansing your pores! You'll be amazed at what we can accomplish in 45 minutes!

45 minutes$85.00

Age-Defying Mama

This layered anti-aging facial will leave you looking...ageless! Our medical grade, painless light treatment helps increase collagen, enhance firmness, and reduce wrinkles. The ingredients penetrate under a layered, soothing,ultra-hydrating,and nourishing elastic mask. Includes the Clarisonic Anti-Aging Sonic Infusion eye treatment. Simply & lusciously age-defying.

65 minutes$130.00

TSS Signature Facial

This effective, yet pampering facial treats you from head to toe! Includes cleansing,
papaya enzyme peel, light aromatherapy scalp, neck and shoulder massage, moisturizing hand and foot treatment, a customized serum, mask, and moisturizer, lip and eye balm. It's good to be the Queen!

*PLEASE NOTE: A portion of the service fee will be donated to 7920-PINKBreastCancer.jpgWomen’s Breast Cancer Foundation to help make a difference and find a cure.

80 minutes$145.00