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Permanent Make-Up is the art of tattooing make-up on a living canvas.  This is a custom design process, and we listen to your desires to create a long-lasting design you'll enjoy. Also creates ease for those people who don't want to apply topical make-up daily; improved appearance and confidence for people with patchy brows, non-flattering or sparse brows; or for people with hair loss due to age, medication, health concerns, etc. If any of those descriptions fit you then you may be a good candidate for permanent make-up. Schedule a consulation by calling us at 650.685.4772 or emailing us at


Please Note: Immediately after results always appear darker initially, and 30-45 days later show the healed result before the Touch-Up appointment. Its normal for procedures to look darker right after appointments because color pigments are also sitting on top of and in the skin. The photos taken 30-45 days later are a more realistic view of how procedures will look (losing pigment during the healing process is expected and can be up to 20-30%). We recommend scheduling a consultation or call with your questions.

Offers A Very Natural Hairline & Textured Brow Appearance



Offers A More Solid, Non-Textured Brow Appearance


Powder Brow Designs & Healed-30 Days
With Touch-Up (Will Still Lighten Up To 20-25%)


(Brow Design Before & Imm
ediately After Right & Left, Healed-30 Days)


Powder Brow Design Before & Immediately After Right & Left, Healed-30 Days

 Powder Brow Design Before & Immediately After Right & Left, Healed-30 Days



Powder Brow Design Two Befores & One Immediately After)








Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up CONSULTATION

Have questions about Permanent Make-Up? Not sure if its for you? Are you a good candidate for this service? Come in to get answers to your questions.

Consultation is FREE with referral or cost is applied towards the service.

15 minutesComplimentary w/referral.

3D Brows - Hairline Stroke Technique

This technique is sometimes referred to as Eyebrow Embroidery, Feather Brows, or Microblading. This technique creates crisp hairline strokes - a departure from traditional "Powdered" permanent cosmetic style. Touch-up appointment is included if done within 45 days of initial appointment. If done after 45 days, cost is $100.00.

2.5 hours$575.00

Eyebrow Design - Powdered Brow Technique

This is a very artful process that takes into consideration your existing brows, face shape, skin color, etc. Whether your brows have thinned due to age, medication, or whatever, or have greyed, or are non-existant, or have a non-flattering existing design - we custom design your brows to help you look your best at all times! You'll enjoy a fresh, put-together look that's easy and creates a pick-up-and-go lifestyle that permanent make-up offers.

Eyebrow Design$450.00

Eyeliner - Upper Lid, Permanent

This involves a liner above the lash line. All upper-lid liners include a lash enhancement (through the lash line).

Eyeliner - Upper Lid$250.00

Eyeliner - Lower Lid, Permanent

A liner just below the lash line.

Eyeliner - Lower Lid$250.00

Lash Enhancement , Upper - Permanent

A liner done through the upper lash line.

Lash Enhancement, Upper$225.00

Eyeliner - Upper & Lower - Permanent

A liner above and below the lash line and through the upper lashes.

Eyeliner - Upper & Lower$475.00

3D Brows - Touch Ups

Touch-Ups can be done as early as 12 months for those who like the color/lines crisp.

12-18 Months$275.00
18-24 Months$375.00
2-3 Years$450.00
3+ Years$550.00